Eurocrypt 2024

May 26-30, 2024

Zurich, Switzerland

Rump Session

Rump Session Program

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Call for Contributions

Do you have breaking news, progress reports, or other topics of interest to the cryptographic community? Can you keep your talk short and entertaining? The Rump Session is where people show off their talents, present breaking news, humorous takes on the subject, present their rejected EUROCRYPT submission to a rowdy audience, or present work under submission in the hope of influencing program committees.

Submission Guidelines

Time constraints: 1-5 minutes, 6 minutes if very funny

Submission deadline: Tuesday May 28, 2 pm CEST

Camera-ready version: Wednesday May 29, 12 pm CEST (noon)


The Eurocrypt'24 Rump Session will not be recorded by the IACR! However, slides will be made available online to the wider world afterwards. The act of submitting will be taken as your consent to these terms. Note that it is your responsibility as a Rump Session Contender that no plagiarism or copyright infringements take place. Make sure you are close to the stage near the appointed time.


Your slides must be submitted as a PDF, which we will collect together to avoid laptop changes during the presentation. If you have a sufficiently entertaining reason why you should be exempted from this requirement, let us know in your submission. If you plan to give a talk without slides, or if you do not have slides ready yet, please prepare and submit one slide with your name and talk title. If your proposed submission has any special requirements — e.g. other presentation formats, extra microphones, extraterrestrial lighting cues, etc. — please describe your full requirements in the form under the format field in your original submission and we will let you know what is or is not possible.

Detailed Instructions

Any submissions not following these guidelines may be rejected. Some submissions may have to be rejected or shortened because of time constraints. Please remember that the Rump Session is meant for short and entertaining presentations. We will only be accepting a very limited number of talks (if any) related to any conference/meeting announcements or job adverts since these types of announcements are now well served by the IACR's calendar of events and open positions in cryptology pages. However, if you want to submit one slide only for such events then we may display these during the break of the Rump Session. To encourage you all to send in and give humorous talks, the "Best Paper" at the Rump Session will receive a special prize. At the discretion of the rump session chairs, other prizes may be awarded for talks of exceptional quality and/or hilarity.

Rump Session Chairs