Eurocrypt 2024

May 26-30, 2024

Zurich, Switzerland

Panel Discussion on Publications

Tue 11:45-12:45, Kongresssaal


Our community is facing several evolutions that are challenging our publication system. The size of the community (and the number of submissions) is growing; the global landscape of scientific publishing is changing; many funding agencies are demanding open access; environmental concerns are affecting the participation to conferences…

Some changes have already been made to our publication system over the last ten years: FSE and CHES have moved to journal publications with (non-necessarily mandatory) presentation at the conference; the new “IACR Communications in Cryptology” journal has recently been launched; the RWC symposium without proceedings has been initiated.

But we need a higher-level discussion to agree on the publication system we want as a scientific community, taking into account the respective interests of authors, reviewers and readers.

The panel discussion will be centered around the following (broad) topics: