Eurocrypt 2023

April 23-27, 2023

Lyon, France

Tourism Information

Sightseeing in Lyon

Close to the affiliated events (ENS Lyon)
The Musée des Confluences is a science centre and anthropology museum, at the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône, the southern tip of the Presqu'île.
Sunday reception at the Hôtel-Dieu
The Sunday reception will take place at the Hôtel-Dieu, a former hospital of historical significance inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Close to the Congress Center
Eurocrypt 2023 will be held at the Centre des Congrès de Lyon, adjacent to the Parc de la Tête d'Or, a vast 19th century botanical and zoological parc. It is also next to the contemporaty arts museum MAC Lyon.
Historical center
The three main historical areas to visit in Lyon are:
  • the Vieux Lyon (the old city),
  • the Fourvière hill (the basilica and the roman amphitheatre),
  • the Croix-Rousse sidehill ("pentes de la Croix-Rousse").
  • The main areas and landmarks are highlighted in the map below.
    Lyon is known for its "traboules", a type of secret covered passageways, originally used by silk manufacturers and other merchants to transport their products. Here is a map with all the traboules (with details in French). The blue marks indicate which are open to the public, including the famous Cours des Voraces, and the 13 Rue de la Poulaillerie. Be mindful that traboules traverse inhabited buildings, hence visitors are invited to remain quiet.
    Lyon is also known for its frescos. Among the most famous are the Fresque des Lyonnais and the Mur des Canuts, but there are many more all around the city. You can find more information here.

    Food and Restaurants in Lyon

    Market hall

    The market hall Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse hosts about sixty restaurants and vendors. It is close to the train station Part-Dieu. This emblematic place of "Lyonnaise" cuisine is named after 3 Michelin stars chef Paul Bocuse (1926-2018).


    There is a high density of restaurants in Vieux Lyon (e.g., Rue du Boeuf) and in the city center (1st and 2nd districts, e.g., Rue Mercière, Rue des Marronniers). Fantastic restaurants are scattered all around Lyon, and not always in these densest areas. Some restaurants in Lyon are called "bouchon". A good bouchon will make for a typical Lyonnaise experience, but be aware that the dishes there are quite hearty, and rarely vegetarian.

    Here is a selection of restaurants by neighbourhoods that are open on Monday and Thursday.

    Vieux Lyon (historical center)
  • Bistrot Bondy, 2 quai de Bondy
  • La Gâche, 2 place du Petit Collège
  • Les Adrets, 30 rue du Boeuf (closed on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Lyon 1 (city center, Croix-Rousse sidehill)
  • Le Bouchon des Filles, 20 rue Sergent-Blandan
  • L'Origo, 2 rue Celu
  • Regain, 3 rue d'Algérie (closed on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Copains Copines sur la Colline, 3 rue Duviard
  • Lyon 2 (city center, Presqu'Île)
  • Les Infidèles, 57 rue Mercière
  • Café Arsène, 2 rue Vaubecour (closed on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Brasserie Georges, 30 cours de Verdun Perrache (can handle large groups!)
  • Lyon 6 (South of the parc bordering the congress center)
  • Les Apothicaires, 23 Rue De Sèze (closed on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Le Molière, 17 Rue Moliere (closed on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Lyon 7 (near the affiliated events, ENS Lyon)
  • El bar Debourg, 239 Rue Marcel Mérieux (closed on Sunday)
  • Chez Carlo, 241 rue Marcel Merieux
  • Caluire-et-Cuire (accross the bridge from the congress center)
  • La Terrasse Saint Clair, 2 Grande rue Saint Clair (closed on Saturday and Sunday)

  • The following are a few other great picks which are closed on Monday and Sunday. Some of them may require a reservation, or may be more expensive than other recommendations above.

  • Fluxus, 12 rue des Augustins
  • Sapna, 7 Rue de la Martinière
  • Culina Hortus, 38 rue de l'Arbre Sec
  • Le Cochon qui Boit, 23 rue Royale
  • Palm, 38 rue du boeuf
  • Casa Jaguar, 157 rue Cuvier
  • Bars
    For wine
  • La Cave Des Voyageurs, 7 Place Saint-Paul
  • Victoire et Thomas, 27 Rue de l'Arbre Sec
  • Le Bar à Vin Bio, 17 Rue Désirée
  • Aromo, 15 Rue Montesquieu
  • Le Comptoir des Buvards, 76 Rue Saint-Georges
  • For cocktails
  • Kodama bar, 113 Quai de Pierre-Scize
  • Le Fantôme de l'Opéra, 19 Rue Royale
  • L'Artchimiste, 22 Rue Professeur Weill
  • L'Antiquaire, 20 Rue Hippolyte Flandrin
  • Le Bosquet, 32 Rue Pasteur
  • For beers
  • Jack's Bar, 3 Place Saint-Paul
  • Les Fleurs du Malt, 15 Quai Romain Rolland
  • Les Berthom, 24 Rue Pizay
  • La Fourmilière, 15 Rue Salomon Reinach
  • Orgao Beer House, 145 Rue Sébastien Gryphe