Eurocrypt 2023

April 23-27, 2023

Lyon, France


Hotels offering discount fees for Eurocrypt 2023 are now fully booked. A vast choice of other hotels can be found via Please refer to the information on the Travel information page, and in particular to the public transport map, to locate areas from which the congress center is easily accessible. We recommend staying:

  • Near the park or near the Part-Dieu train station which allows to reach the congress center by walk or by bus lines C1 or C2 (map of the bus route: C1 and C2)
  • On the peninsula near Cordeliers or Terreaux, which is directly connected by bus line C5 (map of the bus route: C5)
  • Close to the East side of the Rhône river, along the way of bus line C4 (map of the bus route: C4)
  • Near subway line A which allows to reach Charpennes subway station that is connected to bus line C2, or Terreaux/Cordeliers subway stations that are connected to bus line C5.
  • Near subway line B which allows to reach Brotteaux/Charpennes subway stations that are connected to bus lines C1/C2.