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is the 37th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques. Covering all aspects of cryptology, including theoretical foundations, deployment of cryptographic schemes, cryptanalysis of widely used standards, cryptographic protocols, quantum cryptography, and cryptographic currencies.

This year's edition will take place in on , at the Dan Panorama's conference center (more information about location can be found in the Venue page). is one of the flagship conferences of the the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), and is organized by the Technion Hiroshi Fujiwara Cyber Security Research Center.

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May 1 2018

April 26 2018

Code of Contact was updated.

April 26 2018

Rump session information is now available. Submission deadline: Monday, 30th of Aprul, 22:00 (Israel Time).

April 25 2018

Thursday (3.5) Program was updated, schedule pushed back 30 minutes. Updated program in A4 or A5 is now available.

March 19 2018

March 5 2018

Venue Information and well as Banquet Information are now available.

February 20 2018

Program Information is now available.

February 8 2018

Stipends Information is now available.

January 28 2018

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January 16 2018

List of Accepted Papers is now available!

September 5 2017

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September 1 2017

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July 4 2017

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June 30 2017

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