Call for Affiliated Events

General Information

The International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) solicits for affiliated events to be held in conjunction with on Sunday April 29th. Each such event is expected to provide a forum discussing a specific topic of the broad cryptographic world (theory, practice, implementation, standardizations, etc.). This includes workshops, tutorials, etc. that can be annual events, one-time events, or aperiodic.

A PDF version of this call is available here.

Important Dates

October 24 2017

Submission deadline at 23:59:00 UTC

November 13 2017


Affiliated Events

Affiliated events must be one day long. Submissions of events should be done by mail to the Eurocrypt general chair at, by October 24 at 23:59 UTC.

The Eurocrypt organizers will provide for each event:

  • Lecture hall (at the same venue as ) with a projector
  • 2 coffee breaks and one lunch break
  • Internet access
  • Registration services (website for registration, registration desk, nametags, etc.)

Information for Submitters

The organization of an affiliated event is supposed to be relatively easy. The entire registration operation as well as the local organization is done by the IACR (via the Eurocrypt 2018 general chair). The submitters need to identify a topic and decide on the talks and/or panels.

The registration fee will be charged by Eurocrypt for attendees of such affiliated events. From these fees, Eurocrypt will cover the costs for the venue, projector + screen, registration, 2 coffee breaks, lunch, and Internet access. Additional costs (for example, costs of the program, reimbursements to invited speakers, or printing proceedings) falls into the responsibility of the organizers.

The organizers of the accepted events are expected to maintain an updated website (which will be linked from the Eurocrypt 2018 web pages), which will contain all the relevant information for participants.

For specific questions, please contact the general chair at

An Affiliated Event Proposal Submission

Proposals should include:

  • Name (and possible acronym) of the event
  • Type of event (workshop, tutorial, etc.)
  • A proposed format (submitted talks, invited talks, panels, etc.) and potential speakers (if applicable)
  • Abstract summarizing the proposed event and its justification
  • In the case of a submission process:
    • Potential committee members
    • A draft of the relevant call (including expected dates)
  • Estimated number of attendees, and expected number of attendees who are students
  • A one-paragraph biographical sketch for each organizer, describing relevant qualifications, including research and conference/workshop organizing experience
  • Contact information for the organizers
  • Additional funding sources that may be used (and for what purposes)
  • If a similar event has been organized before (and if so, information about the previous event, such as attendance numbers)
  • Draft website (if exists)
A PDF file containing all the above information should be sent to by the submission deadline.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Given the limited amount of halls in the venue, we will select events based on their novelty, importance, and interest that they may have in the cryptographic community. We note that if we will receive a large number of high quality proposals, we may seek more halls in the vicinity of the venue. Submitters of proposals should indicate whether they will be willing to consider locations different than Eurocrypt’s venue.

The agreement of leading members of the cryptographic community to engage with the event (as speakers or committee members) will be taken into account.