Eurocrypt 2025

May 4-8, 2025

Madrid, Spain

Call for Papers

General information

Eurocrypt 2025, the 44th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, will take place in Madrid, Spain on May 4-8, 2025. Eurocrypt 2025 is organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). The proceedings will be published by Springer in the LNCS series.

Original research papers are welcomed on any cryptographic topic, including but not limited to:

  • foundational theory and mathematics
  • the design, proposal, and analysis of cryptographic primitives and protocols
  • secure implementation and optimization in hardware or software
  • applied aspects of cryptography

Authors of accepted papers are asked to present their work in person at the conference.

Important dates

Oct 2, 2024 (AoE)

Submission deadline

Dec 8, 2024

Rebuttal period begins

Dec 12, 2024

Rebuttal period ends

Jan 31, 2025

Final notification

May 4, 2025

Conference begins

info icon Further details will be available soon.


Submissions must be at most 27 pages using the Springer LNCS format, including title page and figures, but excluding references. Optionally, any amount of clearly marked supplementary material may be supplied, following after the main body of the paper. However, reviewers are not required to read or review beyond the main body, and submissions are expected to be intelligible, and show sufficient scientific quality and depth, without the supplementary material.

The above in particular means that submissions are expected to present the core technical part of the result(s) in the main body. Thus, the main body should allow the reader to understand and verify what is at the heart of the contribution, conceptually and technically; the supplementary material should be used mainly for tying up the loose ends, spelling out the less innovative parts, providing extensions/generalizations, etc.

The final published version of an accepted paper will be limited to 30 pages including references and is expected to closely match the submission. For further details, consult the paper submission page.

Review Process

Eurocrypt 2025 will operate a two-round review system with a rebuttal phase. In the first round, the program committee selects the submissions that will proceed to the second round, and the authors receive the first round notification. The authors of the selected submissions are invited to submit a text-based rebuttal letter to respond to the reviews. Furthermore, in cases where this is considered useful by the PC chairs and/or the reviewers, additional communication between authors and reviewers may be initiated (in both rounds).

The submissions that have not been selected during the first round of reviews (early rejects) may be submitted to other conferences after the first round notification date.

In the second round, the program committee further reviews the selected submissions by taking into account the rebuttal letters. The committee then makes the final decision of acceptance or rejection.

Early Withdrawal

Until final decisions have been made, authors can only withdraw their paper with the express approval of the program chairs.

PC Member Submissions

PC members and area chairs are restricted to submit either 1 single-author paper, up to 2 papers if at least one of them is with a co-author, or up to 3 papers if all are with co-authors and at least two are with student co-authors. The PC co-chairs are not allowed to submit any papers.


The Program Committee may choose one or more papers to receive an overall Best Paper Award. In a continuing effort to promote independent work by researchers at early stages of their careers, the Program Committee may also award a prize for the best paper(s) authored exclusively by early-career researchers. As usual, awards will only be given if deserving papers are identified.


Students whose papers have been accepted and who present their talks at the conference will have their registration fees waived. Furthermore, a limited number of stipends are available to students that are unable to obtain funding to attend the conference. Students in under-represented groups are especially encouraged to apply. Application instructions will be posted together with other registration information.


To encourage open and reproducible research, authors of accepted papers will be invited to submit artifacts associated with their papers, such as software or datasets, for review. The artifact review will be a collaborative process between authors and the artifact review committee. The goal of the process is not just to evaluate artifacts, but also to improve them for reproduction and reusability by the scientific community. Artifacts that pass successfully through the artifact review process will be archived on the IACR's artifact archive at Please see the detailed call for artifacts.

Program committee

Program co-chairs

eurocrypt2025programchairs @ iacr dot org

General co-chairs

eurocrypt2025 @ iacr dot org