Eurocrypt 2022

May 30 to June 3, 2022

Trondheim, Norway

Visa Information

It is imperative that authors and attendees allow sufficient time to obtain visas.

Citizens from many countries, including all EU/EEA countries, do not need a visa to visit Norway. You can check if you need a visa from your country. The time to obtain a visa can vary widely and has taken over three months for some individuals in the past. An interview at a consulate may also be required.

Invitation Letters

Please ensure that requests for invitation letters are received by: April 25th.

Conference attendees who require a visa will typically need an invitation letter from the General Chair. To expedite the process, please provide as many of the following pieces of information as possible in your request:

Unfortunately, IACR deals with some fraudulent requests for visa letters. In order to ensure we only write letters for legitimate purposes, we ask you to provide a proof. If none of the above possibilities for such a proof applies, a short explanation of your background and why you want to attend Eurocrypt 2022 is required. We will follow up if necessary.

We hope that you will be able to attend Eurocrypt 2022 and help us make the conference a great success.