Eurocrypt 2022

May 30 to June 3, 2022

Trondheim, Norway

Travel & Venue Information

The conference will be held at the Clarion Hotel Trondheim. The hotel is located approximately 650 metres from the Trondheim Central Station, and about 35 kilometers from Trondheim Airport Værnes. The airport express bus goes from the airport to the central station every 30 minutes. Train travel from the airport to Trondheim Central Station is less frequent but presents a nice view of the Trondheim Fjord. The easiest way to travel to Trondheim is either by train from Oslo Central Station or by air via Amsterdam (KLM), Copenhagen (SAS), London (Norwegian) or Oslo (SAS or Norwegian). Trondheim is also a port on the famous Norwegian Coastal Express (Hurtigruten). The boats dock 600 metres from the hotel.

Download the Eurocrypt 2022 booklet here (26 MB)

Guided walking tours

We are organizing guilded walking tours in Trondheim during the conference the following times:
  • Sunday: 1800-2000
  • Monday 1400-1600
  • Tuesday 1600-1800
There is no charge for participating, and it is organized on a first-come first-served basis, with only 20 participants per session. Get in touch with Anamaria Costache to sign up.

Staying at the venue hotel

Rooms at the venue, the Clarion Hotel Trondheim, are now fully booked. We no longer have any rooms left with the special price. There are still rooms available in several hotels in the city; please see below.

Other hotels

Trondheim has a range of other accommodation. You can also try Google maps.

Student accommodation

The most reasonably priced accommodation in Trondheim is probably at the Trondheim Vandrerhjem. This is a hostel particularly aimed at students and has dormitory accommodation. It is 20-25 minutes walk from the Eurocrypt 2022 venue.

We have reserved some places during the main conference from Monday 30th May through to Friday 3rd June. You may book through the hostel website and if you mention that you are attending Eurocrypt they will try to ensure that you are in a room with other Eurocrypt students.

Travelling with children

Do you have a family and would like to bring them along to Trondheim for Eurocrypt 2022. If you are interested in childcare services during the conference, please contact us and we will see if we can arrange something at the venue.

The conference venue area is not the most child-friendly part of the city, but there is a public swimming pool nearby and a nice walk along the fjord starting next to the hotel.

Trondheim is a very child friendly city, you can drive strollers almost anywhere. Most public buildings have changing rooms. We are happy to recommend places to go downtown if you get in touch.