Eurocrypt 2021

October 17-21 2021

Zagreb, Croatia

Explore Zagreb — guided tours

Monday — October 18, 17:15h
Thursday — October 21, 17:15h
Duration: 2 hrs
Themed/storytelling tour: "AGram of Zagreb"
What to expect during the tour:

Do you believe in magic? In Zagreb, you will see that we do. The old name of our city - Agram - says it all. Wherever you go, there is A Gram of Zagreb's magic waiting for you - our famous hospitality & friendly people, our long, relaxed coffees, and our charming monuments, waiting to tell you some of Zagreb's most famous stories. This is not just a tour, this is a "špancir" - our local, storytelling way to show you our city, from its elegant and famous Ilica street and our Jelačić Square, with its Manduševac Fountain, all the way to the mysterious Upper Town, where dark stories of witches, alchemists, pharmacists alternate with historical rulers and inventors. Where can the roots of our old silver coins and ways of trading with our “kuna” be found? Right around the old Stone Street that will take you on a discovery of a powerful protector of the city! As you take the charming Long Street to exit the Upper Town, stories of craftsmen, smiths, tailors, and some very sneaky ladies, as mighty business owners, might make your cheeks blush, as what’s a city, without a little decadence and gossip? :) Gossip will soon switch places with stories of gorgeous gothic art – Zagreb’s Cathedral, the tallest classic monument of the whole country, which hides another spicy secret – some very unusual chandeliers, which once belonged to a gambling house. To complete the recipe of magic – we will add a gram of the following colors: red for old, proud, historical days, and blue, for the young image of our city, full of hope, hearts, and stories yet to be told. Grab A Gram of magic with us! Warning: we do not take credit for any side effects, as if you fall in love with Zagreb, that’s entirely your own responsibility. And yes, we expect you to come back, to welcome you again, with open arms!

Tuesday — October 19, 16:00h
Wednesday — October 20, 16:00h
Duration: 2 hrs
Themed/storytelling tour: "Servus My Fair Zagreb"
An invitation to all Ladies and Gentlemen, for a stroll into the decadent, old 20s:

The year is 1929, you have just stepped down from a train at Central Rail Station, and the first thing you see is a lush green park, with classic palaces around an elegant fountain, and a gorgeous Art Pavillion at its top. Ford-T cars are slowly driving by, a man in a top hat is offering you a carriage ride. But, you must go – you have arranged to meet your friends at the decadent art-deco hotel, built for the guests of the Orient Express. As you enjoy its shaded terrace, gossip spreads. The famous dancer Josephine Baker is in town. Welcome to "Servus My Fair Zagreb" - a storytelling tour inspired by Zagreb's decadent 20's and 30's!

At the very end of the 19th century, when the Grand Earthquake hit our city, it forever changed its image into a Viennese-like city, which will simply steal your heart with its hidden old-school charm. Purgerica, your local storyteller, will take you to visit Zagreb's classy & elegant Down Town, with its National Theatre, mysterious old library and archive, and the "it" zone for to "see, and to be seen"! The mix of historical facts, legends & details from the lives of old Zagrebians will take turns with locations of our classy cafes, Sunday matinee concerts, and a scandalous project of bringing electric lights to our city. Follow the rails of the horse tram & get to taste some vintage candy, as you fall in love with Zagreb's Green Horseshoe, as it once was. Welcome back to the 20s!!

Meeting point for all tours:

Lobby of The Westin Zagreb Hotel, look for your local guide Josipa :)