Eurocrypt 2020

May 11-15 2020

Virtual conference

Rump Session

The rump session program is now available.

Call for Papers

Submission deadline: Tuesday 12 May 2020 11:59:59am UTC (extended)

Deadline has now passed.

Schools are closed, bars are shut down, the civilization is collapsed, but the rump session will still go on! We will always be here with you (but the snacks are on you this time)! Join us for the first ever virtual rump session at Eurocrypt 2020! If you have any breaking news or interesting stories to share with the crypto community, please make them short and entertaining, and fill out the submission form and ask for a talk slot!

The detailed program for the rump session is available here. There are no current plans to distribute printed programs, but we are open to suggestions. 😃


The rump session will be run via Zoom webinar. All the speakers will be panelists during the rump session and are required to use their real names. Speakers will be asked to share their own screen at the time of the talk. To reduce the talk-switching time, we encourage all the speakers to locally practice screen sharing on Zoom.

Detailed Instructions

The organizers will start the practice session 20 minutes before the rump session starts (i.e., May 13 at 16:40 UTC).

  1. The speakers are recommended to join the webinar on May 13 at 16:40 UTC.
  2. During 16:40 UTC to 17:00 UTC, before the beginning of the rump session, the organizers will promote each speaker from an attendee to a panelist. The promotion protocol is the following:
    1. speakers use the ‘raise hand’ feature, or send a message using the “chat” in Zoom
    2. the webinar hosts will make the speakers the panelists
  3. The organizers will send a private message via Zoom to signal the speaker(s) to be ready shortly before the start time of their talk. (The speaker should be prepared to be put on spotlight after the signal.)


The format of the material can be slides, video, or live performance. Do not play copyrighted music as part of your talks. We require the speakers to submit at least a title slide even if you are not planning to prepare slides for the talk. The reason is that we will let every speaker share their screen at the beginning of their talk, thereby bringing the focus to them before the start of their talk.

Rump Session Chairs