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Affiliated Events:

Call for Affiliated Events

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The 38th annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, , will be held in Darmstadt, Germany on May 19-23, 2019 and is organized by the Cryptoplexity Group at TU Darmstadt. It is one of the three flagship conferences of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) and is devoted to all aspects of cryptology.

The IACR is soliciting for affiliated events to be held in conjunction with on Saturday, May 18, and/or Sunday, May 19. Each such event is expected to provide a forum for discussing a specific topic of the broad cryptographic world (theory, practice, implementation, standardizations, industry, etc.). The format of the event (e.g., workshop, tutorial, panel, etc.) is up to the organizers.

Affiliated Events

Affiliated events can be 1-2 days long. Proposals for events should be submitted by email to the workshop chairs at by September 2, 2018 (23:59 UTC).

The workshop organizers will provide for each event:

  • Conference room with a projector
  • Coffee breaks (lunch is currently negotiated)
  • Internet access
  • Registration services (registration desk, nametags, etc.)

Information to Submitters

The organization of an affiliated event is supposed to be relatively easy. The entire registration process as well as the local organization is done by the IACR (via the general and workshop chairs). The proposal submitters need to identify a topic and decide on the format, and upon acceptance coordinate the program/speakers.

The registration fee for attendees of affiliated events will be charged via the registration process and will cover the incurred costs for the location and equipment. Being registered for a given day of workshop enables a participant to attend any of the workshops of that particular day.

Any additional costs (for example, costs of the program, reimbursements to invited speakers, or printing proceedings) fall into the responsibility of the individual event organizers.

The organizers of the accepted events are expected to maintain an updated website (which will be linked from the website), containing all relevant information for participants.

Submission Format for Affiliated Event Proposals

Proposals for affiliated events should include the following information in this order:

  1. Name (and possible acronym) of the event
  2. Names and contact information of the organizers
  3. Length of event (1-2 days); if 1 day, indicate flexibility for Saturday/Sunday
  4. A proposed format (workshop with submitted/invited talks, tutorial, panel, etc.) and potential speakers (if applicable, not complete, and no commitment)
  5. Abstract summarizing the proposed event and its justification
  6. In the case of a submission process:
    • Potential committee members
    • A draft of the relevant call (including expected dates such as submission deadline, notification, etc.)
  7. Estimated number of attendees total and an expected number of student attendees
  8. List of specific potential attendees (not complete, and no commitment) – This will help coordinate timing of events that might overlap in audience.
  9. A one-paragraph biographical sketch for each organizer, describing relevant qualifications, including research and conference/workshop organizing experience
  10. Funding sources that may be used (and for what purposes)
  11. Information of previous similar events (incl. organizational information such as attendance number), if applicable
  12. Link to draft website (if exists)

A file (preferably in PDF format) containing all the above information should be sent to by the submission deadline.

Important Dates

Submission deadline for proposals: September 2, 2018, 23:59 UTC
Notification will be sent by: September 16, 2018

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Given the limited amount of conference rooms available, events will be selected based on their novelty, importance, and interest that they may have in the cryptographic community. The agreement of leading members of the cryptographic community to engage with the event (as speakers or committee members) will be taken into account.

For any questions please contact the workshop chairs